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The Eagle Flying Museum flight training program comes in three flavors. We do Bonanza checkouts with the F33C using the ABS syllabus. It is a wonderful fully dual control airplane to learn in and a great introduction to the Beechcraft Bonanza series. We also do Aerobatic courses in the airplane. It is stressed for +6 to -3 g, but there is no need to get anywhere close to those acceleration levels. We do all the inside aerobatic maneuvers except for snap rolls. Our Bread and Butter course is the Upset Recovery Training Program (UPRT) and the F33C is the perfect airplane for this type of training. Side by side, dual control in an airplane capable of aerobatic flight is a familiar environment for virtually every pilot that accelerates learning. The true objective of the program is to teach the pilot how to Recognize, Prevent and as a last resort Recover from any unusual situation whether it is an Upset or multiple emergencies. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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