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Course Descriptions

Bonanza Transition Training

EFM uses the American Bonanza Society (ABS) Transition Guide for training. The program is designed to be flexible depending on your insurance requirements and your personal desires. You'll get a thorough introduction to flying the Beechcraft Bonanza and will be prepared to fly yourself and passengers in one of the best general aviation airplanes in existence. We highly recommend you join the ABS and we can support you in the BPPP program as well.

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Aerobatic Training

The F33C does what can be called 'Gentleman Aerobatics'. We're not going to do square corners or high G maneuvers. What we are going to do is have a lot of fun flying inside aerobatics and see the world upside down. You will do aileron rolls, barrel rolls, loops, the split-s, cuban 8's, clover leafs, and  Hammer heads. Stalls, spins and recovering from botched maneuvers will be covered in detail. We can even work up routines if you like!

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Upset Recovery Training- Initial

in the Initial course EFM concentrates on maneuvers during the first two sorties and in the final flight we practice the most likely scenarios you would encounter, including various simulated emergencies. The real value in this type of training is NOT learning how to recover from a spin, it is being put in a stressful situation and using your head and learned skill set to priortize flying the aircraft and recover to safe flight. 

To enhance situational awareness and a feel for the airplane we learn:

  -Slow Flight/ Steep Turns                    -Upsets                   

  -Stalls Clean/ Dirty and turning.           -Nose Low Recoveries                              

  -Spiral Divergence                                   -Nose High (Bunt and Roll off) 

  -Spin Normal upright                              -Inverted Push and Roll 

  -Spin Recovery-> Beggs-Mueller           -Wake Vortex

  -Spin Prevent                                         -Deviations in Hdg, Pitch and Roll

The Scenarios we concentrate on are:

   -Overshooting Winds- Base to Final

    -Loss of Reliable Airspeed/ Inappropriate Power Settings

    -Autoflight issues


    -VFR-into-IMC/ Spatial Disorientation

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Upset Recovery Training- Recurrent

Any skill set needs to be exercised to keep it viable, skills are perishable things. You can't fly instruments in IMC without some recent practice. The Recurrent course allows you to brush off the rust and freshen up your skills. The Recurrent Course can also be used by large pilot groups as an introduction to UPRT as part of a Safety Program or skills training exercise. EFM believes in annual training and this course would be an ideal fit into your plan. 

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