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Making Pilots better by expanding their envelope to:

Recognize, Prevent and Recover

Bonanza Checkouts

We do check out training in the airplane using the American Bonanza Society Training Syllabus. Some might consider the ABS program to be overkill, but we like to think it's more like an ounce of prevention. If you learn your airplane thoroughly you will be a better pilot and will be equipped to make better decisions. Besides, we like training!


Eagle Flying Museum, EFM for short, specializes in teaching Aerobatics in the Bonanza. It's the perfect airplane for instruction and a hoot to fly. Learn how to go upside down in the Bonanza and if you're really bitten move on to a High G airplane.   To paraphrase the Texas saying- this airplane is all fun and no twitch. Come out and check it out. 


Upset Recovery Training

The bread and butter of the EFM program is expanding your envelope in a safe, familiar training environment. With experience finding the edge of the envelope and successfully navigating it you will be a more focused pilot and better prepared to handle whatever emergency may come your way in the air.  



Folks generally think of Museums as places with dusty things on shelves. EFM thinks of a museum as a place for ideas. The main idea EFM pursues is that training makes better, safer pilots and with training and experience flying becomes safer and more fun. The founders of EFM come to flying from diverse backgrounds but we all share the love of flight and want to share it with others. We feel that if we learn something from every flight that is a way of cherishing the joy of flying. So come share the joy with us, we will all learn something along the way.

Tom Turner 'Flying Lessons': "It’s the state of our industry to shrink the envelope in which we fly and train. Now, I’m all for working to “stay in the middle of the air” in normal operation. But when circumstances require flight right to the edge of performance, history shows the pilot who is comfortable and practiced in the extremes is much better prepared to avoid going off that edge."


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